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OVERVIEW: Admiral on Demand


Fraud and anomalies in insurance companies cost insurers hundreds of billions every year (up to 10% of all claims expenditure). Fraud management systems help mitigate these costs, but incur extensive costs, demand significant IT resource investments, and are complex to use. 

Admiral on Demand is a complete fraud management suite, perfect for motor insurers who cannot afford significant up-front investments, long implementation cycles, and costly operator training. It is a cloud-hosted fraud management system, which means you don’t need additional infrastructure, and you pay as you go (SaaS model), so it does not require an up-front investment. It combines the fraud detection intelligence of established on-premise solutions with all the benefits of modern cloud-hosted software.

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A complete fraud management system requires huge up-front investment for implementation, licenses and infrastructure. On the one hand Admiral on Demand is in the cloud and solves this problem. Just open an account, start using it and pay as you go. No need for huge up-front investment. With the savings from fraud, the project will practically finance itself.


The software has been built specifically for insurance fraud management teams and fits the process perfectly. There is no need for adaptation, since there is an ergonomic user environment and we will make sure you will get to know the tools through our effective training program. It is a web application, so you just open it in a selected browser and start working. 


Implementation of fraud management suits can take months or even years. With our cloud-based solution you open an account and start handling your suspicious claims with our tools. In the meantime we will help your IT to prepare the data, which usually takes few days or no more than few weeks.

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The complete cloud-based fraud management suite

Admiral on Demand supports the whole fraud management process from detection to savings. It combines different intelligent methods, in-depth expert knowledge, hundreds of fraud indicators to detect fraudulent claims and assesses the fraud risk in the underwriting stage. Admiral on Demand enables proactive detection of insurance fraud. The tool automatically prioritizes the suspicious cases and aids investigator to effectively manage electronic investigation file from detection to investigation, and from investigation to saved money. It will give fraud department managers and claims managers a full overview of the effectiveness and efficiency of the team, enabling them to quickly resolve potential bottlenecks, to report directly from the tool and to correct forecastings.


We are using Admiral in a private cloud. Now we are able to successfully prevent and detect insurance fraud. It is intuitive and easy to use, and it helped us return the investment 6 times in the first year of use.

Boris Peršak, Senior investigator Generali Slovenia