6th Admiral Users Conference 2016

This year’s traditional 6th Admiral Users Conference was focused on the importance of cooperation, connection and stepping beyond the competition barriers within the industry. Initially, dr. Aleš Završnik from the Institute of Criminology at Ljubljana Faculty of Law shed new light upon the field of criminal law and where are we crossing the boundaries of legitimacy. Dr. Završnik presented the legal framework within which we operate by emphasizing the influence of big data analytics in numerous industries as well as the data-driven economy of tomorrow.

The next session of the conference was dedicated to the presentation of the claims management process and the application of the Admiral system in Vzajemna health insurance – the first and the largest voluntary health insurance company in Slovenia. Matjaž Trontelj, General Manager Department of Insurance Contingency (Vzajemna) and mag. Katja Pečlin, Assistant Manager Department of Insurance Contingency (Vzajemna) presented their management policy. Damijan Pikovnik (Vzajemna) continued with an overview of the current practical use of the Admiral software, accompanied with Tina Černjavič (Vzajemna), who had a practical demonstration of controls embedded in the Admiral Health. Nina Zidarič (Vzajemna) carried on with the presentation of the NEW! fraud management system developed in collaboration with Optilab Analytics - Admiral Claims. Trontelj and Pečlin concluded the section with an interesting overview of the challenges that are emerging for the future.

The second part of the conference was dedicated to the presentation of the insurance industry of tomorrow, held by Matjaž Slak (Optilab Analytics). Insurers do not have the full picture since they are dealing with limited data sets and multiple versions of truth. A data exchanging gateway could represent a pivotal moment for the industry where the implementation of multiple layers of detection would be allowed to reach its potential.

Highlights in the Photo Gallery.

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