More than a software vendor.



Fraudsters are always one step ahead. When you successfully deter one way of defrauding your company, they will find another way. It is important that insurers establish a regular fraud discovery process, which will enable them to stay ahead.

We bring together a team of subject matter experts from fraud investigators, prosecutors, business analysts to data analysts, who are helping with the facilitation of the process. By helping insurers in setting up and executing their fraud discovery process, we ensure them a rightful place ahead of fraudsters. 







Setting goals might seem easy, but realizing them usually requires a carefully planned strategy supported by reliable domain experts capable of implementing this strategy. Our team of professionals helps insurers to define the underlying fraud management processes and the governance, which will enable them to achieve the desired improvements of the key business metrics. 




Optilab Analytics developed organizational process guidelines, organizational structure and performance metrics for the special investigation unit.

- Large insurance company in Central Europe



We have a team of highly skilled data scientists who are experienced in data analysis and extraction of actionable knowledge and information.

The data scientists are experts in data analysis, mainly PhDs from math, statistics and computer science. Their job is to apply sophisticated statistical, math or machine learning methods to large amounts of data. Not only do they know data science, but they also understand insurance business very well. If there is some actionable knowledge in the data, they will uncover it.





We have a team of experienced IT experts to assist you during the preparation and integration of our Admiral solutions with your insurers information system. With an agile and standardized project approach, we can asses any type and size of the project, sparing your team precious time and efforts.