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OVERVIEW: Admiral Index


The amount of information available online doubles approximately every two years. The majority of this information is available to us, but its high volume is the main problem. It makes these data useless for numerous practical applications in fraud detection.

Admiral Index automatizes the access to relevant information from publicly available data sources, as well as the data from proprietary and restricted data sources, where insurers are entitled to access. It utilizes state of the art matching algorithms to ensure the extraction of relevant data from external data sources, and by doing so in a totally compliant way.



It uses state-of-the-art text mining tools to uncover relevant entities, even in unstructured text, which is where more than 80% of all the information is “hidden”. A superior matching engine finds the high probability matches even with missing or partially incorrect data.


Admiral Index is adaptable, enabling us to easily extend it with data sources available to a specific organization or data source available in a specific country. New data sources are easily plugged-in to complement the existing sources.


Accessing and combining personal data, especially in EU, is heavily regulated with strict personal data protection laws. Admiral Index compliance parameters are adaptive, so you can be sure that data gathering is in line with the applicable laws and agreements with your clients.

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Your data enrichment solution

A typical use case for Admiral Index would be a search for a specific entity like a person, vehicle, location, company, etc.

Admiral Index uses multiple data connectors to connect to different data sources. Data sources can be structure, unstructured, publicly available, paid, proprietary, etc. Admiral Index combines all the data obtained from the data sources with a state-of-the-art matching and merging algorithm, which creates an entity with enriched data. Data connecting, matching and merging is done on a compliant way, which ensures you are not breaching laws or agreements with your clients.



Data quantity and volume is growing at a 40 % compound annual rate, reaching nearly 45ZB by 2020 (The Big Data Broup, LLC. and Content Analytics, Inc.). Gartner, Inc. suggested that through 2015, 85 % of Fortune 500 organizations will be unable to exploit data for competitive advantage. Fewer than 0,5 % of claims under investigation are resolved successfully when the procedure is done manually.